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A tour of Italy’s countryside is best explored by car, journeying through each distinctive region as you wind from city to city. Drive through the vineyards of Tuscany, the winding valleys of Umbria and the coastal towns of Puglia on a self-drive private tour of Italy. As Italy’s most beloved car, hiring a Fiat 500 is an obvious choice, although not essential. Immerse yourself in ‘la dolce vita’, wind down the windows and search out the hilltop villages that are the essence of the Italian countryside and perfect for luxury travel in Italy.


Beyond the indulgence of pasta, pizza and parmesan, Italy produces high-quality food and is home to some of the world’s best restaurants. Local produce is always the flavour of the day, with chefs proudly championing dishes unique to each region. In true Italian-style, the locals stay true to the idea that all good meals must be washed down with good wines. Fortunately, these are also served in abundance.


Often overlooked in favour of the Alps, the Dolomites are a truly magical mountain range that must be explored. Visiting these mountains can easily be combined with a relaxing getaway on the Italian Lakes in the summer. Elsewhere in Italy, Tuscany needs no introduction. Sicily acts as a vessel of Mediterranean culture from historical cities to volcanic landscapes. The Amalfi Coast promises unparalleled mountainous, seaside scenery and private luxury, and the azure waters of Sardinia will make you believe you’ve been teleported to the Maldives.


Etched into the landscape of Italian cities lie the stories of the country’s rich history, which can be explored on any of our Italy private tours. Rome is simply a snapshot of the country’s past and the capital city takes at least three full days to only begin scratching the surface. Unearth the historical heritage of Venice, the city of canals anchored by ancient pylons, by walking through old squares and cobbled streets. Or, marvel at the visual grandeur of Florence with a local guide and float down the River Arno; learn about the origin of the Renaissance, discover Dante and unearth the history of famous piazzas. And what better way to soak up the grandeur of the Vatican by enjoying a private tour with exclusive access to the Sistine Chapel without a single other person.

The Fishers

Our family are hooked on Italy and Molly‘s passion and knowledge means she keeps finding us something new. The latest trip was in the Dolomites – Rosa Alpina is the dream. Officially our favourite hotel ever. We’re going to Puglia next but we have to wait until next year for that!

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