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Two decades after the 1994 genocide ripped the country in two, Rwanda is now a beacon of hope and optimism in central Africa. The welcoming people make this small country a delight to visit; it has truly undergone a renaissance in its recent history, and visitors can also travel to memorials to learn more about the country’s turbulent past. Characterised by its lush green mountains, covered in terraced farmland and shrouded in equatorial jungles, it is clear why Rwanda is nicknamed the Land of a Thousand Hills.


The beautiful hillsides outside of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, can guide you towards the country’s brightest star, Volcanoes National Park. In the shadow of the awe-inspiring Virunga volcanoes, you have the opportunity to spot golden monkeys and rare mountain gorillas through bamboo forests. Trek up over 7,500 feet to spend time with a family of gorillas; the unforgettable encounter is definitely worth every penny of the expensive permits required to trek into the volcanoes.


Nyungwe Forest National Park, an untouched tropical rainforest, has the largest strip of montane forest in East or Central Africa. Journey into the heart of the forest with three hundred different bird species flying overhead under the towering trees. For primate enthusiasts, it is home to thirteen different species, and this majestic rainforest encourages the tracking of famous chimpanzees whilst experiencing the canopy walk. Stay at a forest lodge for an immersive experience in wildlife and nature.


Rural Rwanda is teeming with birdlife and is covered in tea plantations and a patchwork of banana and maize crop, with shimmering lakes and rivers winding through. Whilst many travellers visit Rwanda to focus on primates, the extraordinary scenery more than complements any trip.


We were so impressed with the standards here, particularly the level of service. The gorillas, of course blew us away and the whole trip was a truly spectacular wildlife experience.

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