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Chile is 2,500 miles long and only 200 miles wide. Squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a long, thin land packed with a jaw-dropping diversity of geographical and cultural landscapes. From parched deserts to fertile Winelands, icy fjords in Patagonia and the mysterious island of Rapa Nui. The north can be visited any time of year and combines well with a thrilling road trip from the Atacama Desert into Argentina’s northern province. Patagonia and southern Chile are at their best between October and April when the dramatic weather has eased and the season starts for mountain walking, trout fishing and wildlife spotting.

To experience the impact of Chile’s contrasting landscapes, combine a visit to the Atacama Desert in the North and Patagonia in the South. In the Atacama Desert, you will discover salt lakes filled with flamingos, hot springs in the shadow of volcanic peaks and the softest dunes sprinkled between lunar valleys. Travel south to Patagonia, and the same Andes Mountain range is capped with snow and reflected in impossibly blue mountain lakes. The Winelands in Chile’s Central Valley is home to some of South America’s most exclusive boutique wine hotels and a must for any wine-lover keen to learn more about one of the country’s finest exports.


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