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Bolivia is landlocked between Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile and is quintessentially South American in so many ways, full of authentic Andean communities and indigenous culture. Bolivia is home to the world’s largest salt flat, Uyuni, which is also a fantastic place to explore the Tunupa volcano, see fascinating rock formations, canyons, giant cacti, flocks of flamingos or to go for a swim in the salt lakes, multi-coloured lagoons, thermal springs and more.

Outside of these world-renowned salt flats, you’ll find high-altitude Andean towns and cities, such as La Paz and Potosí, with their witchcraft markets, adobe-built houses and Cholita wrestling shows, surrounded by picturesque snow-capped peaks. Bolivia also has its fair share of ancient archaeological sites as well as low-lying warmer towns with Spanish colonial architecture and history, such as Sucre and Santa Cruz, just outside the beautiful Amboro National Park. Many people forget that Bolivia is also home to the Amazon rainforest – the least visited section of all of the countries into which it expands, making it an excellent spot for exploring further off the beaten track and seeing wildlife in its most pristine and untouched state. Lastly, boasting the highest navigable lake in the world (also bordering Peru), Lake Titicaca is a mesmerising place to visit, with its mystical legends and indigenous beliefs ingrained in the local culture.

Travelling to Bolivia with True

Bolivia is an excellent option for those looking to really get under the skin of South America and visit somewhere extraordinary, diverse and truly authentic. Easily visited as a solo-country trip, or excellently combined with Peru or northern Argentina, you won’t be disappointed by beautiful Bolivia.

A True Bolivia Itinerary

Our travel design process starts with you and your ideas, each trip created from a blank piece of paper.

Our Latin America specialists have created a selection of example itineraries to provide a sense of what can be crafted for you in Bolivia.

12 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £6,800pp

Guide Price: $8,100pp

16 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £11,700pp

Guide Price: $14,000pp

21 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £15,100pp

Guide Price: $19,500pp

True Experiences In Bolivia

Bolivia’s mix of landscapes, cities and culture make it such a diverse destination and the variety of activities you can include in your itinerary are vast. Talk to our specialists about what most interests you, and we can tailor your trip just as you like it.

Our Featured Bolivia Accommodation

Each trip True Travel curate is based on the experience you are looking for and as an independent travel operator, we are not obliged or committed to any properties. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the accommodation we recommend for your stay has been chosen based on your interests, not ours.

Bolivia Hotspots

Immerse yourself in Bolivia’s rich culture and diverse geography. La Paz, the world’s highest capital, unfolds amid Andean peaks. Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, dazzles with surreal landscapes. Explore the indigenous traditions of Lake Titicaca. Sucre’s colonial charm and Potosi’s silver mines add historical depth.

Lake Titicaca

The Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca benefits from having the mountains in the background, which is truly a beautiful sight.

Copacabana is the main town on the Bolivian side of the lake, with a pretty, sandy beach (Copacabana beach in Rio took its name from here).

When you visit Lake Titicaca, you travel by boat to the serene Sun and Moon Islands, which are overflowing with ancient history and fascinating traditions of the local communities who live there. 

True Latin America

Taking care of your Latin America travel needs is Evie, our Senior Latin America Specialist. There are few people as passionate about the people and culture of the region, ensuring that in addition to the extraordinary destination highlights, you will experience the most authentic side of Latin America with a True Travel itinerary.

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Evie Oswald - True Travel

Evie has lived in Argentina and travelled countless times throughout Central and South America; acquiring a particular love for wildlife, epic scenery and endless outdoors adventures.

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