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Culture: Old & New

Japan’s wealth of tradition provides a stark contrast to its more modern curiosities. Escape the animated city of Tokyo in exchange for peaceful island life on Miyajima, populated with sacred deer and serene shrines that appear to be floating in the water. Head to Naoshima Island to bike through a hub of awe-inspiring contemporary art galleries. Then swap your shoes and skyscraper hotel for traditional Japanese clogs at a ryokan – a traditional Japanese guesthouse that is the ideal place to stay during luxury tours of Japan.

Diverse Landscapes

Japan is famed for vibrant cities, but it’s also a wildly varied country with two-thirds of the land covered by mountains. Japan’s world-renowned high-tech train network connects the country and makes luxury travel transport a breeze. In a few short hours, travel from the hustle and bustle of the cities to scenic hiking trails and hot springs in the mystical hill regions. Continue further into these mountainous landscapes to find incredible ski resorts, such as Niseko and Furano.

Seasonal Delights

Many travel to Japan to catch glimpses of the Cherry Blossom (sakura) in early April and autumnal leaves in October. The baby pink blossoms or fire-hued leaves can be best experienced with a cup of steaming matcha tea in Nakajima Park, or with a picnic in Kenrokuen Garden. Alternatively, grab a bike and weave your way through the sea of pink blossoms on the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto to enjoy one of the most iconic experiences in Japan.

Food Frenzy

Japan’s cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Japanese chefs pay extraordinary attention to detail when preparing a meal, striving for perfection in both taste and aesthetics. Indulge in oysters the size of your hands in Hiroshima Bay for a true taste of luxury travel in Japan, or grab a bento box to go as you hike the Kumano Kodo (Japan’s ancient pilgrimage trail). Dinner becomes a spectacle with celebrated chefs flipping fresh fish the size of their waistbands as they slice through it midair – with knives as long as the table. Do as the locals do and pick up some sashimi from the Toyosu Market or head to Yurakucho in the heart of Tokyo to mix with salarymen (office workers) as you enjoy some yakitori chicken skewers in an izakaya bar-style setting.

Mike & Rose

We felt so relieved on arrival into Tokyo that everything had been prearranged. Japan can feel quite busy and mad, but we knew that Katie had taken care of everything. We had the best guides and easy transfers, and we loved every minute of the cherry blossom experience.

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