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Japan, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, unfolds its captivating regions. Tokyo, the bustling metropolis, epitomises contemporary energy. Kyoto, steeped in history, unveils ancient temples and gardens. Hokkaido’s snowy landscapes charm, while Osaka’s culinary delights tantalize. From Okinawa’s tropical allure to Honshu’s diverse landscapes, Japan weaves a tale of cultural richness and natural beauty.

Japan's Regions

Hakone and Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji has become an iconic symbol of Japan. Standing at 3776 metres, it is the country’s highest mountain – and the most climbed mountain in the world! If hiking isn’t your thing then head to Kawaguchi, one of the five lakes surrounding Fuji to enjoy views without the crowds.

Hiroshima and Miyajima

Hiroshima is the capital of the Chugoku region in the South West of Japan. Despite the atomic bomb that was dropped on the city in 1945, the city is flourishing and is a fascinating inclusion to a Japanese trip.


Kyoto was once Japan’s capital city and the largest city in Japan. It is no surprise then, that it is filled with endless things to do.

Nakasendo Trail

Japan’s Nakasendo Trail is a historic path that winds through picturesque landscapes. This ancient pathway, tracing back to the Edo era, is filled with breathtaking scenery—verdant forests, meandering rivers, and serene countryside vistas.

Naoshima Island

Embark on an escape to Naoshima Island, a hidden gem nestled in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. Known as the “Art Island,” Naoshima seamlessly blends art, nature, and architecture, creating a truly unique and immersive experience.

The Japanese Alps

Both Takayama and Kanazawa are nestled within the magnificent Japanese Alps in the Hida mountain range. The ski season is similar to that of Europe, with heavy snow falling in late December and lasting till early April.

Japanese Alps


Tokyo is a fascinating city and hub for a vast array of different cultures, so much so that it can appear to be made up of a variety of different cities. With an immense amount of things to do, such as visiting traditional shops, sampling local cuisine, and venturing around historical Japanese gardens, there will never be a dull moment in Tokyo.

Tokyo - Japan

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