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Bustling City Life

Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, is a metropolis bursting with energy. Avoid the frenzy of motorbikes and go on safari Vietnamese-style, which involves a private tour by Jeep to best street food spots the city has to offer. Head to Hanoi’s charming old quarter to marvel at the famous train that runs through a residential street. Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s cultural capital, where you are encouraged to get down on your hands and knees and crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels, an extensive underground network built to protect soldiers during the war.


Try your hand at local crafts in Hoi An, where you can weave a basket boat before hopping inside for an expedition down the river, passing through the very aptly-named Coconut Village on your way. Scattered along the shores of the Ba Be Lake you will find wooden stilt houses occupied by the Tay people. Take a tour of the magnificent waterfalls by boat, before heading ashore to observe the locals skillfully crafting each canoe from one tree trunk. Experience traditional fishing techniques, such as night squid fishing, on the island of Phu Quoc, also famed for its pristine beaches.

Beaches & Bays

Vietnam’s coast is brimming with beautiful beaches. Ninh Van Bay provides the ultimate luxury beach escape in a serene setting, while watersports lovers should head to the more lively coastal city of Nha Trang, a popular scuba-diving location. Alternatively, simply grab a snorkel to discover the vibrant tropical reefs around the Cham Islands. The imperial city of Hue is also home to many immaculate beaches, ideal for unwinding after a day of exploring Buddhist pagodas, royal monuments and colonial structures. Set sail on an iconic junk boat to experience the wonders of the Lan Ha Bay archipelago (the less crowded version of Ha Long Bay).

Rural Scenery

Trek through the luscious green rice fields of Sapa, go sandboarding across the rolling dunes in Mui Ne, interact with locals as you explore the extraordinary Song Doong caves (largest in the world) and spend an afternoon soaking up nature’s finest nutrients in a mud bath in Ninh Van. The mesmerising Mekong Delta, awash with floating markets amidst mangrove forests, is best traversed by boat. 

William & Sue

Our travel is inspired around food experiences and we love Vietnamese cuisine. Katie really listened to our interests and tailored such a memorable trip, we felt like everyone was briefed before we got there so it just all ran so seamlessly. A wonderful holiday.

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