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Known as a world leader in sustainable tourism, their wildlife remains extremely well preserved. In the ocean, the marine life is exceptional, and an impressive 1000 bright and colourful species of fish have been recorded. On land, spot rare species indigenous to the Seychelles, such as the jellyfish tree and many orchid varieties. Spot the Aldabra giant tortoises roaming freely on the granitic islands, adored by locals and visitors. What’s more, the region claims a diverse range of birds, including their national bird the black parrot, and some of the world’s largest seabird colonies. 


Whilst island hopping is possible, we encourage day trips and staying at one or two island hotels, rather than moving around too much. For a more lively scene, consider the largest island Mahe, for its bustling port, local markets and nightlife. For golfers, Praslin not only promises silky-smooth sand, swaying palm trees and the largest seed in the world (coco de mer), it also boasts the only 18-hole golf course in the region. Discover vanilla plantations, beaches and a nature reserve by bike or foot in pure bliss on La Digue, an island with no cars. For less visited, untouched habitats of many species, visit the pristine outer islands and Aldabra Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This enchanting setting, where jungle meets the sea, is perfect for those willing to swap sun loungers for harnesses and hiking boots. Explore your adventurous side with a range of activities, varying from rock climbing, zip-lining, guided trail walking, marine parks, golf, cycling the rainforests and hiking the mountains.


Whilst this is the ideal destination to lie on the beach, the Seychelles offers numerous water sports that will keep visitors occupied. Activities vary from swimming, sunbathing, spa and wellness treatments, paddle boarding, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, deep-sea fishing and sailing.

The Speelmans

We had a wonderful stay at Alphonse. It was fantastic – we went out fishing and easily caught loads of fish. It was perfect for the family too, and my daughter Lucy started her PADI there. The weather was great the whole time and we really couldn’t fault a single part of our trip.

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