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Culture & Heritage

The ancient sites and cultural significance of Jordan is not to be understated. With the relics of the Rose City, Petra, fascinating locals and visitors alike for centuries, along with a myriad of natural wonders, breath-taking landscapes and towering archaeological landmarks, it has earned a reputation as one of the Middle East’s most spectacular countries. 

With a blend of Arabic and Islamic influence, Jordan’s heritage has largely been influenced by it’s geographical location, nestled between Israel, Syria and Saudi Arabia. With music, cuisine, clothing and sports that embody the Middle Eastern traditions, Jordan is a mecca for rich legacy that captures the appreciation of millions around the world.

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As a central country in the Middle East, Jordan is an ideal addition to a touring itinerary that can also take you through Egypt, Israel or even Oman. If you are looking to add some time on the coast, at the beach, in the hills or even among a bustling city, there are many options for you to link your time in Jordan with another destination and really maximise your time away. 


Thinking of Jordan will often conjure images of expansive sandy deserts, the classic humid Mediterranean heat and of course, the rich saline waters of the Dead Sea. However, what is often overlooked is the vast biodiversity the country is home to. Travelling from Amman to Wadi Rum, aka the North to the South of the country, will take you past dense forests, many of which are protected areas, along the base of mountains, across valleys and into the rolling dunes of the desert.

With a thriving ecosystem of flora and fauna, Jordan houses 2,514 species of flourishing plant life but that does not come without challenge. The Royal Society of Conservation of Nature has made substantial efforts to protect the natural land of Jordan and preserve the wildlife in the face of increasingly hot and dry summers. For us, this has become a key consideration in our Jordan offering, ensuring that we are always mindful to provide positive impact by supporting the necessary initiatives and working with our Jordanian partners who mirror these values.

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