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Indonesia is synonymous with adventure, whether you’re surfing the legendary Uluwatu waves, white water rafting down the Ayung River, or cycling the dense rainforests with the noises of the jungle reverberating all around. Hiking through the rice fields is a great way to take in the luscious green surroundings, and we would suggest spearfishing for the ultimate thrill-seeker. Alternatively, spot wildlife unique to these islands, such as copper orangutans and the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon.

Wellness & Spirituality

Head to Ubud to channel your spirituality and indulge in the vast array of wellness offerings, from meditation in the jungle to paddleboard yoga on turquoise waters. No trip to Indonesia is complete without quality time spent relaxing on some of the world’s most picture-perfect beaches, enjoying the white and charcoal black sands of quiet coves.


Visitors to Indonesia are spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring the ancient temples scattered all over the islands. Amongst them is the most long-standing Buddhist monument in Asia – the 72 conical stupas of Borobudur sit on a monumental pyramid between bright green rice paddies and swaying palms. The country is also known for its culinary delights; enjoy steaming rice dishes, the freshest seafood, charcoal flamed satay and fragrant curries.

Yacht Charter

Set sail on a private yacht (complete with crew) for a chance to soak up the serene surroundings of multiple islands. This offers instant access to snorkelling and diving to see shoals of glittering fish and coral reefs beneath the waves of Sulawesi’s immaculate white coastline. For a more local boating experience, hop aboard a jukung, a traditional outrigger fishing canoe.


We had an incredible holiday. All arrangements went well and we have recommended True Travel to friends already. Como Ubud was incredible as were the staff, our room was also upgraded which was a treat. Madey is an incredible guide, we loved the volcanoes, monkey farm and rice terraces and it was such good value. From here we went to Komodo Dive Resort ­where the food was fantastic and diving team were great.

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