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Oman is described as a jewel on the Arabian Peninsula, bordering the UAE to the northwest, Yemen to the southwest and Saudi Arabia to the west. Oman is made up of rolling desert dunes, white-sand coastlines and picturesque mountains that change colour throughout the day. Visitors can escape to private and secluded areas, such as Zighy Bay, only a two-hour drive from Dubai. With guaranteed sun, there is something for everyone, whether it’s a night in the dunes or discovering the cultural and historical sites of Muscat, which makes Oman a timeless destination.

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Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, and one of the most traditional. The country is blessed with diverse and unspoiled nature. Oman remains loyal to its heritage and skillfully balances the traditional and modern, so visitors can experience the rich history while also enjoying modern comforts and facilities. There is much to explore in the capital city of Muscat, including the Grand Mosque. Visit the Muttrah Corniche Souk for a labyrinth of colourful shops and handicrafts. Alternatively, you can explore Oman’s traditional side by trekking into the mountain villages. Oman has several cultural features that make it unique, such as the Omani folk dance, dress, Khanjar, cuisine and the Falajes.


Oman is one of the most diverse countries in the world, both through its landscapes and also through its people. Oman is a haven of cultural integration and promotes different cultures and freedom of ethnic expression.  Oman’s concept of social harmony is based on unreservedly embracing the characteristics and uniqueness of new cultures, making it an inviting and welcoming country to visit. Once a tour of the cities is complete, there are beautiful ancient villages waiting to be explored. Spend a day in the rolling desert dunes, climb Oman’s highest peak (Jebel Al Akhdar), or head for some pearl diving on Zighy Bay.


Oman is a charming country; this can be said for the people too. The locals are extremely friendly, open-minded and welcoming, and you can visit the souks, forts and mosques to meet locals and gain an insight into the culture. As long as visitors are respectful of local traditions, they will be welcomed with open arms.

Ce & John

We adored Zighy Bay – it was such a success I can’t tell you! Thank you so much for organising us so well. Everything was exactly what we wanted: endless sleep, blue sky, blue sea, white sand. Just perfect. We shall go back!

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