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Antarctica’s season begins in November and runs until late March. Within these five months, the continent is a treasure trove of the world’s greatest wildlife displays. With the arrival of Spring, the warming oceans are brimming with plankton attracting orca and minke whales. Penguins and fur seals are busy breeding, and birds are nesting. The landscape is at its most spectacular, with vast blocks of pack ice forming exquisite shapes on the dark water and the mountains draped in a dazzling carpet of pure white snow. 

Visit Antarctica in the summer months, and you will enjoy 18-24 hours of daylight and your best chances of seeing the humpback whale migration. Finally, as the season draws to a close, tiny life forms are getting ready to leave the safety of their nests. Seal pups and penguin chicks are all around learning new tricks for survival through play, which is endlessly enchanting to watch. There is no best time to visit; the season brings something new and unexpected every day.

Travelling to Antarctica with True

Selecting the perfect exploration vessel is crucial to getting the best out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. At True Travel, we only work with boats in Antarctica that meet our high standards of crew, guiding and service. Our team will discuss your wishes and select the best vessel for you.

Kayaks in Antarctica

Unlike many of Africa’s other safari orientated destinations, Botswana remains a destination that can be visited throughout the year.

The summer rainy season a viable time to travel, thanks largely to how well the rains drain through the sands of the Kalahari Desert that covers much of the country. This, coupled with amazing wildlife viewing and prices that can be less than half of what they are in the drier winter months, it is an incredible time to visit for those that don’t mind the heat and some rain storms.

That said, the traditional dry season months are still incredibly popular and offer some of the finest game viewing anywhere in Africa.

Local Time: GMT+2

Local Currency: Botswana Pula

A True Antarctica Itinerary

Our travel design process starts with you and your ideas, each trip created from a blank piece of paper.

Our Polar specialist’s have created a selection of sample example itineraries to provide a sense of what can be crafted for you in Antarctica.

21 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £21,500pp

Guide Price: $25,800pp

21 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £19,100pp

Guide Price: $22,900pp

12 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £12,500pp

Guide Price: $15,000pp

8 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £12,200pp

Guide Price: $14,600pp

True Experiences In Antarctica

Being in Antarctica is special, but it is the individual experiences that you will remember. 

Picking out some of the highlights from Antartica, here are some of the experiences you have to look forward to.

Our Featured Vessels in Antartica

The way you choose to explore Antarctica can completely determine the experience you go on. True Travel partners with the very best vessel operators, ensuring each trip we send to the Polar region is safe and exceptional.

Each trip True Travel curate is based on the experience you are looking for and as an independent travel operator, we are not obliged or committed to any properties. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the accommodation we recommend for your stay has been chosen based on your interests, not ours.

Antarctica Hotspots

Whether you choose to set off on your Antarctica adventure from Argentina or Chile, you’ll have the opportunity to pass a number of remote islands in the South Atlantic Ocean.

South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are about 200 km north of the Antarctic Peninsula. There are more than 20 wild islands in the archipelago, including King George Island, where several scientists and research stations are based. Several whales, seals and penguins frequent these coastal shores providing incredible opportunities for wildlife photography. Over 80% of the islands are glaciated, and the towering black rocks that punctuate the landscape contrast with the shocking white of the ice and snow.

Antarctica Journal


A Guide to Seeing the Northern Lights


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