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Luxury Norway Itineraries

These example itineraries are here to get you inspired, but no two True Travel luxury holidays in Norway are the same. Our Norway experts start planning each trip with a blank piece of paper, designing every itinerary 100% personalised to you.

Why We Love Norway




To heighten your chances of catching the Northern Lights in northern Europe, a holiday to Norway offers you some spectacular locations. The northernmost fjords of Tromso, in our humble opinion, are the best places to be when they light up the sky – the water spectacularly reflects the colours in all directions. In terms of activities, evening husky sledding under the Northern Lights is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


A road trip is not so much encouraged as it is a necessity on a luxury tour to take in this jaw-dropping part of the world. The views of staggering cliffs plunging into still blue saltwater lakes are remarkable from land, but also extraordinary from the water. Norway’s freedom to roam means there are plenty of fantastic hiking trails for you to explore the untamed wilderness. Head out onto the water under the summer’s midnight sun for a peaceful spot of fishing; a great activity on family holidays.


You won’t spend too long researching a trip to Norway before you see an iconic photo of the country’s trains. The Flam Railway is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful routes for luxury travel in the world, and one of the principal attractions for a reason. Fortunately, the train links two beautiful areas – Aurlandsfjord and the high mountains of Myrdal – meaning your transfers turn into excursions through the most spectacular scenery in Western Norway.


Svalbard, one of the most inhospitable parts of the world in which to live, owing to harsh climates, dark winters and polar bears, falls entirely in the Arctic Circle. It is illegal to both go looking for polar bears and to pick flowers in Svalbard, but you can hop on a snowmobile and explore the Arctic landscape from this angle on holidays in Norway, or take a luxurious yacht through the glaciers to spot the bears in comfort on your luxury holiday in Norway. Rest assured there is no place in the world like it, especially with its magically lit skies.

Andy & Dawn

What an amazing country. The most warm, welcoming people and such a vast range of things to do and see. The landscape throughout our trip simply blew us away.

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