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Uganda straddles the Equator between the eastern and western branches of the Great Rift Valley and is home to some of the most varied terrain in Africa. With a quarter of its surface area made up of sparkling crater lakes, streams and rivers, Uganda is a country of surprises. Intricately terraced hillsides, volcanoes, open savannahs and abundant wildlife abound and, of course, the endangered mountain gorillas, which are Uganda’s most famous inhabitants.


Home to over 1,000 species, many of which are endemic, Uganda is East Africa’s less-travelled gem and has something to offer everyone. However, it’s the close encounters with the mountain gorillas that will make you feel like an extra in a David Attenborough wildlife special. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one of East Africa’s most famous national parks, is home to nearly half of the planet’s mountain gorillas; trekking these animals with expert guides is a simply unforgettable experience. Rare giant hogs, forest elephants and golden cats can be spotted too. Watching wildlife from the private terrace of a lodge is recommended as a luxurious jungle experience.


For bird-watching enthusiasts, be inspired by the excess of spectacular birdlife and look for rare tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, as well as leopards, hyenas, elephants, waterbuck, Cape buffalo and Uganda kob. The park’s diverse ecosystems include lakes, fertile wetlands, humid forests while its viewpoints offer rolling green hills, the wide Kazinga Channel and expansive Ishasha plains. Visitors can meet local communities and embrace their culture through music, dance and storytelling.


Soak up breathtaking views from the roaring Murchison Falls; you can witness the Nile squeezing through a 7-metre gap within the rocks and wind down to a tranquil river teeming with crocodiles, waterbucks, buffalo and hippos. Lake Bunyonyi is also a magical place free from crocodiles and predators, where you can swim in peace in clear waters, surrounded by steep hillsides and remote islands.


It was absolutely magical. As soon as we turned the corner and saw the first gorilla, I started to cry because I was so happy. They were also fantastic lodge recommendations from the True Travel team! Bwindi Lodge was hands down my favourite, amd we also loved getting out of the car and hiking to get there. As you’ll see, my dream of being close to the gorillas really came true. We had such a wonderful time, and thank you for your help making it come to life.

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