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Mozambique’s southern coast is renowned for its rich amount of coral and fish, providing the ultimate setting for big game fishing and scuba diving. Impressively, this unspoilt coastline offers some of the most incredible whale watching in Africa.

As one of the best scuba diving sites in the world, the Mozambique islands promise an unforgettable experience of marine life and astounding natural beauty of azure blue waters. Bazaruto Archipelago, a quintessential Indian Ocean escape composed of six islands, is home to whale sharks and tropical fish.

Northern Mozambique is just as tempting to visitors, with clusters of islands such as Quirimbas Archipelago offering a jaw-dropping marine life which encourages advanced divers.


Historically, Mozambique was a popular safari destination – think iconic photographs of families on safari in Gorongosa National Park in the 1960s and early 70s, taking game drives in their VW camper vans. However, the country’s instability post independence in 1975 and through the civil war which followed resulted in a poaching crisis with much of the country’s wildlife virtually wiped out. Fortunately a number of fantastic conservation organisations have invested huge amounts of time and money to re-establish protected wildlife reserves, populations have started to recover and over the past decade viable photographic safari options have begun to emerge. Mozambique aims to rival its neighbours as a fantastic ‘bush and beach’ destination, it’ not there quite yet, but watch this space as there are ambitious plans afoot!


For nearly five centuries Mozambique was formerly the colony of Portuguese East Africa. A wealthy and strategically important trading hub which gave the country a unique and complex cultural history. 

Travelling to Mozambique offers the visitor much more to explore than just its sandy beaches. All along the coast from south to north it’s possible to find the crumbling remains of grand buildings from the colonial era. In some locations a process of restoration is under way and locations such as Ibo Island offer the visitor a chance to gain an interesting understanding of the country’s history.


The Mozambican coast stretches over 2000km from the border with South Africa right up to Tanzania. Truly this long country bridges southern and eastern Africa and much of that 2000km coastline remains remote and undeveloped. This is a haven for the beach-lover, often coined the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Once you’ve set foot on these pristine white-sand beaches, fringed with their golden sand dunes and encompassed by glittering turquoise waters, this expansive coastline will not only spoil you but heighten your expectations of relaxed beachfront perfection forever.

The Haughtons

We really loved our time at Azura Benguerra ­- the beach here was ­perfect. The tide came right up to the edge of our beach cabana each evening at sundowner time. Both the staff and food were great and we were really well looked after. There was just the right amount of things to do, including­ fly fishing from the beach or from SUP and snorkelling. Overall it was just an incredible experience and we absolutely loved it – a real once in a lifetime trip.

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