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Panama is renowned for one of the world’s most important engineering feats of the 20th century: the Panama Canal – a job that took around a decade to complete, linking the Pacific to the Caribbean, and has had an enormous impact on worldwide trade routes. Panama City also has a beautiful colonial centre, called ‘Casco Viejo’, with baroque churches, cobblestone streets and fantastic eateries and boutiques. For those interested in its history, a trip to see ‘Panama Viejo’, the site where you can find the ruins of the original Panama City, will definitely be of interest.

Outside of the capital city, you’ll find a tropical paradise of untouched rainforest and cloud forest, with excellent opportunities to spot wildlife and birdlife alike. Panama actually boasts the highest diversity of species in Central America and its advantageous location at the convergence of Central and South America makes it a key place for birds to rest and restore during their migration routes between North and South America. You’ll find an abundance of birdlife both in the tropical rainforests bordering the Panama Canal, as well in the Chiriquí Province, where you’ll find areas at higher altitude with abundant cloud forests. Due to the differences in elevation, the quantity and diversity of species is certainly impressive.

Panama’s 3,000km of coastline is also not to be missed, with archipelagos of pristine islands inhabited by indigenous communities, spectacularly wild beaches and coral reefs, offering fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Travelling to Panama with True

Bespoke, tailor made travel itineraries, planned for you by our team of specialists. Whether stopping over in Panama, or building the entire trip across the one country, we can create a holiday exactly as you imagined it.

A True Panama Itinerary

Our travel design process starts with you and your ideas, each trip created from a blank piece of paper.

Our Latin America specialist’s have created a selection of example itineraries to provide a sense of what can be crafted for you in Panama.

10 Day Itinerary

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True Experiences In Panama

Our travel designers create itineraries full of wonderful, memorable experiences and in Panama there are no shortage of options.

Our Featured Panama Accommodation

Each trip True Travel curate is based on the experience you are looking for and as an independent travel operator, we are not obliged or committed to any properties. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the accommodation we recommend for your stay has been chosen based on your interests, not ours.

Panama Hotspots

Perhaps a destination that does not get the recognition it deserves for its rich cultural tapestry and natural wonders, Panama really varies from Pacific beaches to tropical rainforests. Panama City, a modern metropolis, showcases the historic Casco Viejo and the iconic Panama Canal. Explore the biodiversity of Bocas del Toro’s archipelago. Boquete’s highlands offer coffee plantations and cloud forests.

Panama City

Panama City is a city of contrasts – from the Miami style skyscrapers along the coast, to the beautiful colonial Casco Viejo (old town), and on to the Panama Viejo site, where the original city was built in the 1500s. It’s also backed by thick rainforest, which makes wildlife spotting activities very accessible.

True Latin America

Taking care of your Latin America travel needs is Evie, our Senior Latin America Specialist. There are few people as passionate about the people and culture of the region, ensuring that in addition to the extraordinary destination highlights, you will experience the most authentic side of Latin America with a True Travel itinerary.

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Evie Oswald - True Travel

Evie has lived in Argentina and travelled countless times throughout Central and South America; acquiring a particular love for wildlife, epic scenery and endless outdoors adventures.

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