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Mexico packs a sensory overload of colourful festivals, archaeological sites on a massive scale and one of the most exciting arts and culinary scenes in Latin America. With miles of Pacific and Caribbean coastline, Mexico can deliver a near-perfect beach holiday with a twist of culture. You will find some of Latin America’s most impressive citadels from lost civilizations in Mexico. 

Travel to The Yucatan Peninsula to see Chichen Itza’s famous temple pyramid with 365 steps for each day of the year. In Mexico City, Teotihuacán claims two of the world’s tallest pyramids and in the Oaxaca Valley, the Monte Alban ruins once stood proudly as the capital city of the Zapotec people. There are over 29,000 knowns archaeological ruins in Mexico; it is a country with a rich and chequered past – many ruins lie beneath or beside grand Colonial buildings in picturesque Spanish towns.

Travelling to Mexico with True

Whether you plan to start or finish a longer trip in Mexico, or want to stay there for the duration of your holiday, create the trip of your dreams with our tailor made planning service.

A True Mexican Itinerary

Our travel design process starts with you and your ideas, each trip created from a blank piece of paper.

Our Latin America specialist’s have created a selection of sample example itineraries to provide a sense of what can be crafted for you in Mexico.

14 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £9,600pp

Guide Price: $11,600pp

10 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £10,600pp

Guide Price: $12,700pp

9 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £5,200pp

Guide Price: $6,200pp

True Experiences In Mexico

Whether you are seeking to delve in the culture and spirit of authentic Mexican life, explore the ruins of ancient civilisations or roam the landscapes of the diverse country, there is myriad of experiences to choose from to add to your tailor made Mexico itinerary.

Our Featured Mexico Accommodation

Each trip True Travel curate is based on the experience you are looking for and as an independent travel operator, we are not obliged or committed to any properties. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the accommodation we recommend for your stay has been chosen based on your interests, not ours.

Mexico Hotspots

From tropical coastline, to ancient cities, there is a lot to take in in Mexico. Mexico City, the bustling capital, showcases historic grandeur and contemporary energy. The Yucatán Peninsula beckons with ancient Maya ruins and pristine beaches. Explore the colonial charm of Oaxaca and the vibrant markets of Puebla. 

The Colonial Cities

The UNESCO heritage towns that surround Mexico City, including San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca and Guanajuato paint a vivid picture of the scale of the Spanish Empire. From Central Mexico down to the Yucatan Peninsula, vast pre-Hispanic Mayan temples and Colonial haciendas jostle together. Combine these two regions for a thrilling discovery of Empires built upon Empires.

True Latin America

Taking care of your Latin America travel needs is Evie, our Senior Latin America Specialist. There are few people as passionate about the people and culture of the region, ensuring that in addition to the extraordinary destination highlights, you will experience the most authentic side of Latin America with a True Travel itinerary.

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Evie Oswald - True Travel

Evie has lived in Argentina and travelled countless times throughout Central and South America; acquiring a particular love for wildlife, epic scenery and endless outdoors adventures.

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