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Luxury England Itineraries

These example itineraries are here to get you inspired, but no two True Travel holidays are the same. Our England experts start planning each private tour with a blank piece of paper, designing every itinerary 100% personalised to you.

Why We Love England




Thanks to reliable rainfall, England benefits from miles and miles of lush green landscapes. From Dartmoor to the Yorkshire Dales, and the Lake District to the Peak District, this breathtaking scenery is dotted with lakes, craggy hilltops and mountains; each region is different and you certainly can’t say that to see one is to have seen them all. Boasting ten National Parks in total, hiking, coasteering and paragliding are a few exhilarating activities on offer. In quintessentially English style, let adventurous days lead you to cosy countryside evenings by the fire for a taste of England luxury travel.


England’s capital is a perfect hybrid of old and new, where innovation meets historical architecture, and where exceptional artwork meets fine dining. Learn about beheaded monarchs at the Tower of London in the afternoon and enjoy the buzz of the West End by night on one of our London tours, where a choice of forty shows are performed each evening. For those seeking an insight into the life of the British Royal Family, retrace the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day in Westminster Abbey or Princess Diana’s at St Paul’s Cathedral. if you’re planning a journey to England, you’d be mad to miss a trip to the capital.


For Harry Potter enthusiasts, indulge in a magical behind the scenes experience guided by a cast member; wander the corridors of Hogwarts and explore the sets of the Forbidden Forest and Diagon Alley. For those seeking an insight into the life of the British Royal Family, retrace the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day in Westminster Abbey. After this, enjoy exclusive access to the changing of the Queen’s Royal Mounted Guards at Buckingham Palace, and uncover where the Queen has weekly tea with the Prime Minister. If you thought these tours couldn’t get more appealing, let a member of Winston Churchill’s family be your expert personal guide in an exclusive tour of Churchill’s War Rooms.


Arguably, seaside towns serving fish and chips to be consumed on a pier facing the ocean is what England does best. Take your pick of Cornwall’s golden beaches, Northumberland’s expansive and unspoilt coast or soak up the fun in Brighton – you won’t be disappointed by coastal England travel. The South-West boasts a stunning coastline of pebbled coves, sandy bays and fishing towns which promise wonderful swimming, surfing and fishing spots. Go further afield to the Scilly Isles for a unique travel experience, with powdery-white sand, island hopping and more coastal fun, from sailing to their traditional sport of gig racing.


It was my third visit to London and the first that True Travel had organised. Planning was seamless and our guide gave an added insight that you would never get from a guidebook. The whole team loved the trip – thank you to Molly for planning it and it was great to be able to meet you too!

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