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Why We Love Greece




The Greek islands are quite something, both the famous and slightly harder ones to reach, and offer wonderful villa getaways. There are the Mamma Mia-style islands bursting with locals, carafes of Greek wine and newspaper stuffed with calamari. Or, there are the more luxurious islands of the Cyclades – enjoy the glamour of Mykonos and the sunsets of Santorini. Hop between the islands for a taste of it all, from sleepy fishing villages to serene clifftop escapes with dramatic plunge pools complete with sweeping sea views.


No trip to Greece is completely without sampling the seafood. When you are not snorkelling alongside the squid and octopus, they make for an extremely tasty dinner. Accompanied by substantial portions of fresh feta, mountains of Greek salad, olives and of course local wine, you’ll never go hungry at the local taverna.


Away from the famous tourist destinations, Greece offers a playground for adventure – both on land and sea. From road tripping around the Peloponnese, clambering up through the town of Monemvasia, or simply kayaking around the crystal-blue water coves, endless activities await. Further north lies the region of Epirus, where there are copious opportunities to get your hands dirty. Explore Europe’s deepest canyon, partake in rafting excursions starting in Albania and visit the floating monasteries of Meteora. 


With all of the islands comes an abundance of impressive coastline, coves and beaches. Whilst staying in a villa is luxurious, some argue that discovering Greece by boat is the way forward to see the country. With the Ionian Islands in the west and the Cyclades in the east, charter a sailing boat and uncover an authentic side of Greece. There are plenty of sheltered harbours and secluded bays to call home for the night.

The Donnellys

We are just leaving the villa now to go to the hotel and I wanted to let you know that we have had the best week ever. I’m nearly crying leaving Angelina and Kimberly. We have never met kinder people who became part of our family for the week. They looked after us so so well and the kids adored them. Can we book again for next year? I can be happier leaving knowing that I will meet them again.

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