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From the mainland, to the islands, Greece is littered with areas of beauty, history and highlights. Athens, the ancient capital, boasts the Acropolis and rich history. Santorini’s whitewashed buildings against the Aegean backdrop create a postcard-perfect scene. Crete captivates with Minoan ruins and vibrant cities. In the Peloponnese, discover ancient theatres and olive groves.

Greece's Regions


Greece’s capital city is full of ancient history buffs treasure. Sat beautiful and high over the city sits the Acropolis, dating back to 447 BC.



The largest of Greece’s islands Crete is a mix of beaches, ancient sites, buzzing cities and laid back villages. Crete was home to Europe’s earliest civilisation, the Minoans, and the legendary¬†birthplace of Zeus.

Crete - Greece


An island in the Aegean Sea celebrated for its stunning beaches and unique rock formations.



An island of two sides but surrounded in blue water and healthy gusts of wind. The north is wild and beautiful where you can find empty beaches.


With so many people victims of islomania (the obsession of discovering islands), the Greek mainland is often overlooked. Yet the Peloponnese offers everything you look for in a Greek holiday; stretches of coastline dotted with tavernas and history that is quite literally the stuff of legends.


Picturesque Santorini features highly on Greek promotional material and even a whistle-stop tour of the island will show you why. Bougainvillea pours off the sides of the white washed houses with their signature blue doors.

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