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Okavango Delta
Botswana wetlands

Premium Safaris

Botswana is safari at its most exclusive, offering a high-end experience within luxurious camps, tucked away within wildlife-rich reserves. The level of service and knowledge of the expert guides is second to none, but it’s important to note that these luxurious Botswana safaris make the country the most expensive safari destination in Africa. Join guides who descend from six generations of Botswana safari experts, relax in luxury camps, and enjoy the exclusivity of mobile safari camps in the most remote and private locations.

Okavango Delta

The sprawling flooded plains of the Okavango Delta – Botswana’s most iconic landscape – are teeming with wildlife, as one of the best places to spot large game on a luxury safari in the whole of Africa. The inland river delta is best navigated by boat, accessed from the private reserves with luxury safari lodges dotted around the many islands and lagoons. Gliding quietly through the reeds on a traditional dugout mokoro canoe, you’ll find hippos, elephants and crocodiles, as well as spectacular birdlife.

Culture & San Bushmen

Dating back to the Stone Age, the San Bushmen are the oldest surviving nomadic tribe in the world. Join them in exploring the Kalahari, trekking through the landscape and seeing Botswana from the perspective of their traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle. This won’t be a typical ‘tourist’ itinerary; expect an authentic cultural experience as the Bushmen decide exactly what they want to share and when. Learn about survival and their nomadic way of life, how they drink water from plant roots or eat scorpions for sustenance. From our Botswana luxury experiences, these bushwalks become a cultural exchange of learning from each other.


In stark contrast to the water-based safaris of Botswana’s delta, the seasons of the Kalahari bring both the arid conditions of fiery-orange dunes and vast expanses of lush grasslands that are ideal for a family safari. The green season in the Kalahari attracts thousands of springbok, wildebeest and zebra – a popular food source for the predators. As the second largest on earth, the expansive terrain of the Makgadikgadi saltpans attract flocks of vibrant flamingos and huge herds of zebra – a colourful sight.

The Pitchers

We had the most amazing time! John Barclay and his team were very special and the mobile safari exclusive and superb. Moremi was very quiet with few other tourists – no more than a dozen other vehicles seen in four days. Macatoo was also excellent with good riding and game. We were so grateful for the help that you offered when our BA flights went wrong. Many thanks again for the superb service and recommendations which made for a great holiday.

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