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Quirimbas Archipelago and Vamizi Island

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The Quirimbas Archipelago is a jewel-like string of perfect coral islands running along the northernmost section of the Mozambican coast towards the border with Tanzania. Made up of just a few dozen islands, this remote area is about as Robinson Crusoe as it gets. Many of the islands are uninhabited with no source of fresh water, others are home to a vibrant and rich culture and are sites of historic importance from the five hundred years of Portuguese colonial rule. Trading posts like Ibo Island are examples of the one-time trading wealth experienced by this region.

Today the islands are home to a small but varied collection of luxury beach hotels. Each offers the visitor a different experience but consistent across each is access to some of the best snorkelling, scuba diving and blue water fishing available in the Indian Ocean.

Throughout, the archipelago’s natural beauty is astounding, with searingly white patches of soft sand surrounded by brilliant turquoise and azure waters alternating with greener, vegetated islands and extensive stands of mangroves. Dense mangrove forests also link some of the islands with each other and with the coast, only the most skilled dhow captains are able to navigate among the intricate web of channels – after all this was once the lair of pirates praying on the rich trading vessels!

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We really loved our time at Azura Benguerra ­- the beach here was ­perfect. The tide came right up to the edge of our beach cabana each evening at sundowner time. Both the staff and food were great and we were really well looked after. There was just the right amount of things to do, including­ fly fishing from the beach or from SUP and snorkelling. Overall it was just an incredible experience and we absolutely loved it – a real once in a lifetime trip.

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