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Get off the grid, rediscover far corners of the Earth and take the time to breathe in the freshest air.

About the Author

About the Author

As Commercial Director I have the joy of working with partners and clients across our global offering. The diversity of what each country has to offer is what makes the world of travel so exciting.



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Escape, explore and liberate – our exact plans for 2021. After all that time inside, now is the moment to get out into the great outdoors. Our collection of exclusive experiences takes you far from the crowds to the cleanest air, in search of silence, wildlife and connections with real people and cultures. That, for us, defines true freedom.

Camp in the Secret Himalayas

Even the pathways of Everest can at times feel like a hiker’s highway. Which is why we instead recommend Solu Khumbu in Eastern Nepal; here you can have the Himalayas to yourself to hike, horse ride, mountain bike and even helicopter your way through the Earth’s most majestic mountain range. Sleep under the stars in private camps at 4,000m altitude, with a solitude that many Everest Base Camp trekkers never experience. Your camp is within an identified ‘Beyul’ – a Tibetan phrase for hidden valleys that were blessed by the founder of Buddhism. There doesn’t seem a more appropriate time than the present to escape to this ultimate Shangri-La hideaway.

Fly Over Scorched Dunes

For a country known for its epic scenery, astounding beauty yet inhospitable conditions, there is no better way to see Namibia than from the skies. The scale of the country makes it perfect for those looking to get off-the-beaten-track, but there is only one way to access its most remote corners. During the course of your multi-night flying safari, you will enjoy bird’s-eye views of abandoned shipwrecks, dramatic geological formations and the refuges of desert-dwelling animals, such as the endangered black rhino and desert-adapted elephant.

Condors & Puma in Patagonia

The majestic Andean Condor – the ultimate symbol of freedom – can often be seen soaring overhead or perched on rocky outcrops in Chilean Patagonia. From Patagonia’s private reserves, spend your days with a specialist guide in a truly ‘off-road’ vehicle, or discovering hidden trails on horseback. The best condor sightings are of gruesome yet fascinating feedings at ground level. But condors are not the only wildlife you’ll encounter, as this remote spot offers unparalleled access to guanaco llamas, foxes, flightless rheas and the elusive puma.

Polynesian Sailing Vessels

Join the crew of these beautiful Polynesian vessels and learn to sail by the stars, enjoying a private expedition hopping between seldom-visited islands in the South Pacific. This is possible through a rather special relationship with the Vanuatu chapter of the Okeanos Foundation – an organisation with a mission to empower Pacific Island people to implement traditionally based sustainable sea transportation. An authentic and rich astrological and anthropological experience.

Overnight in an Italian Rifugio

The Italian Dolomites are a mecca for skiers in the winter, adventurers in the spring and summer, and foodies all year round thanks to the number of Michelin stars in the area. Spending time in the Dolomites means sighting the old wooden rifugios (refuges) sitting high in the meadows of the mountains. AN overnight stay in one allows you to truly connect with the nature around you. Some are only accessible by foot, so carry a picnic supper on your back, light some candles and enjoy the warmth of a fire for the ultimate back-to-basics overnight in the mountains.

The Inaccessible Dusky Sound

Far to the south, over rainforests, mountains and deep glaciated valleys, lies the beautiful Dusky Sound in New Zealand’s Fiordland. Very few visit due to its isolated location; the lack of roads make it inaccessible to all but ocean-going vessels and helicopters. You’ll arrive by alpine helicopter, tracing the footsteps of Captain Cook to enjoy a day of fishing and wildlife discovery out on the waters and along the pristine shoreline of these serene fjords.

In the Footsteps of Explorers

Follow the footsteps of Norman Carr, a legendary conservationist and safari pioneer, with an authentic walking safari and sleep out experience in the South Luangwa National Park. This is Zambia’s premier wildlife destination and the home of walking safaris in Africa – so where better to return to the wild with an award-winning guiding team. After an afternoon walk in the bush, listening to lions calling in the distance, experience Zambia’s signature sleep-out under a canopy of a million twinkling stars, with the sounds of Africa around you.

Kayak with Orcas in the Arctic

With extraordinary settings come extraordinary experiences, and true to form, the far-removed Lyngen Alps in the Norwegian Arctic offer these in abundance. Ice-fish for king crab on the frozen sea, enjoy some of the best summit-to-sea skiing on the planet, and kayak in the company of orca and humpback whales. Tour the fjords by boat to find these great mammals, before sliding into your drysuit and kayak, then entering the water to get closer to these incredible creatures. Better still – with nightfall comes the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, reflected in the water.

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