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Family Adventure Indonesia


12 Day Itinerary

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Enjoy a spectacular combination of outdoor activities to explore the diverse terrain of mountains and volcanoes alongside beach relaxation where you can dive into the inviting blue waters full of a thriving marine life to explore.


  • Perfect for adventurous families, this Indonesian itinerary combines activities in the mountains and relaxation on the beach
  • Hike up the steaming Mount Bromo volcano for incredible views at sunrise
  • Pay your respects at the world’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur Temple
  • Ride a horse-drawn cart around Lombok to visit the local villages and markets
  • Spot an array of colourful marine life whilst diving and snorkelling around the Gili Islands

Day 1 - 4: Menoreh Hills, Java

  • Visit one of the most sacred Buddhist sites, the Borobudur Temple, home to over 500 Buddha statues
  • Enjoy a picnic at the hotel’s bale perched above a galangal plantation

Start your trip in Central Java, known for its peacefulness and serenity, nestled amongst the hills for complete privacy.

Fly into Yogyakarta to begin your Indonesian adventure at Amanjiwo, a spiritual jungle sanctuary with exclusive views over an 8th Century UNESCO World Heritage Temple. For some relaxation within the grounds, take a dip in the pool amidst terraced rice paddies and palms. As a hiker’s paradise, you can immerse yourselves in Java’s natural beauty with a range of hikes right on your doorstep, from the flanks of Mount Merapi to the lush Menoreh Hills. On the way to the Menoreh Hills, discover abandoned villages preserved amongst clove plantations. In the evening, drop by the local monastery to hear the sound of chanting Buddhist monks.

Day 4 - 5: Surabaya, Java

  • Lose yourself in any of the city’s markets, each specialising in different products
  • Enjoy the famous high tea at your colonial-era hotel, with the best upscale dining experiences in Surabaya

Surabaya is Java’s thriving heart, dotted with Dutch colonial architecture and brimming with activities.

From Yogyakarta, continue to Surabaya where you’ll spend one night at Hotel Majapahit. A stay in this vibrant city will give you an authentic feel for contemporary life in Java, away from the tourist hubs. Whether you’re in the market for pet birds, antiques, gemstones or fresh produce, you’ll be sure to find something whilst exploring the many al fresco street markets dotted around the city. Learn about Indonesia’s history of clove cigarettes, and the purported medicinal properties, with a privately guided tour around the Sampoerna Cigarette Factory and Museum, an Indonesian household brand.

Day 5 - 7: Bromo, Java

  • Climb to the rim of the active Mount Bromo, found on many Indonesian postcards
  • Wander into Tengger Caldera National Park right next to your hotel

Set at the foot of Java’s most famous volcano, Mount Bromo, a stay here puts you right at the heart of East Java’s action.

Continue to Jiwa Jawa, where you’ll spend your final two nights on Java. With a prime location at the foot of Mount Bromo, you’ll be exposed to both incredible sunsets and sunrises. With Mount Bromo calling your name, you’re perfectly positioned to hike up to the rim of this famous active volcano at sunrise. Whilst at the top, you’re guaranteed incredible views over Java as well as an up-close observation of this other-worldly volcanic landscape. We can arrange for you to go white water rafting along the Pekalen River – an adrenaline-fuelled adventure for the whole family

Day 7 - 12: Medana Beach, Lombok

  • Enjoy al-fresco dinners in the open air where you’ll feast on local delicacies
  • Visit the vibrant markets and local villages on a cidomo horse-drawn cart

Switch from the volcanic landscapes of East Java to end your trip on the tropical island of Lombok.

Fly from Surabaya to Lombok, where you’ll finish your trip with five nights at The Oberoi Lombok, situated on the sandy shores of Medana Bay. With private beach access, enjoy the fiery Indonesian sunsets over the ocean to Bali’s distant Mount Agung. Within the hotel grounds, dip into the pool, play croquet on the lawn, rally on the tennis court, use the paddleboards and kayaks from their jetty, and relax with daily afternoon tea. We can arrange a private snorkelling excursion over to the nearby Gili Islands, celebrated for their crystal clear waters and giant sea turtles. On a privately guided tour, discover the local markets and villages in a hand-painted horse-drawn cart.

What is typically included

  • 11 nights Bed & Breakfast
  • All private guiding
  • Local hikes
  • Cultural visits
  • All domestic flights and transfers

Family Adventure Indonesia


Day Itinerary

Guide Price




13 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £10,800pp

Guide Price: $13,000pp

13 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £9,000pp

Guide Price: $10,900pp

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