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The Highlights of Egypt and Jordan

Egypt, Jordan

15 Day Itinerary

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March to May & September to October
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Culture Seekers
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Experience the wonders of the Middle East with private stargazing in Wadi Rum, a five-star Nile cruise on a traditional dahabiya, and guided tours through Amman, Petra, and the captivating open-air museum of Luxor.


  • Private stargazing experience with a leading astronomer in the Wadi Rum desert
  • Five star cruise along the Nile River aboard a traditional dahabiya boat
  • Private tour of Amman alongside a leading archeological guide
  • Take a fascinating guided tour of Petra, aka the Rose City
  • Spend a night in Luxor, the world’s greatest open air museum

Day 1 - 4: Cairo, Egypt

  • Privately guided tours of Cairo’s most famous landmarks alongside an expert Egyptologist
  • Indulge in the elevated luxury of the St Regis to begin your journey through Egypt

Beginning your journey, immerse yourself in the relics of ancient Egyptian civilisation and note the fascinating similarities between times gone by and the modern day.

The dynamic metropolis of Cairo is an exciting blend of historical and contemporary offerings and it is where you will start your cultural odyssey. Whilst visiting the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza you will step back in time with your Egyptologist guide who will paint the picture of a bygone era and colour your journey ahead. The calm spaciousness of the St Regis will be welcome respite after a day reliving history.

Day 4 - 5: Luxor, Egypt

  • Spend a night in what has been dubbed ‘the world’s greatest open air museum’
  • Your dedicated guide will draw back the curtain on the best kept secrets of Egypt’s legacy

From the Valley of the Kings to the Valley of the Queens, Luxor is an icon among Egypt’s ancient opulence. The key to the city is your private guide, who has been hand-selected to cater for you and your loved ones and wherever your curiosity may take you.

Resting on the east bank of the Nile River, the city of Luxor is renowned for its many well-preserved monuments, so much so that it has been described as the one of the world’s greatest open-air museums. You’ll stay at Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa and with your guide you’ll visit Karnak and Luxor Temples, as well as the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.

Day 5 - 10: Nile River, Egypt

  • Sail along the Nile aboard a traditional dahabiya boat that boasts elegant luxury
  • Visit hidden islands, desert valleys and ancient heritage sites along the 5 night journey

From Esna to Aswan, this luxury cruise is an extraordinary experience that takes you into local villages, through fragrant orchards and alongside rolling deserts, all propelled by gentle winds and calming river currents.

For the next sector of your adventure it is time to slow down the pace and be enchanted by the call of the Nile aboard a Nour El Nil dahabiya. Immerse yourself in luxury as you gracefully sail on a traditional riverboat to Aswan; indulging in exceptional service and delightful cuisine along the way. Discover the timeless beauty of Egypt’s landscapes, from lush greenery to golden desert dunes. Explore ancient temples and tombs, marvelling at the grandeur. Engage in cultural experiences, from traditional music to insightful conversations with knowledgeable guides.

Day 10 - 12: Petra, Jordan.

  • Meet with a local historian to hear tales of times gone by at the heart of Jordan’s heritage
  • Take a guided tour of Petra and discover what is famously known as ‘the Rose city’
  • From Egypt to Jordan, this leg of your journey begins in Petra, an original Wonder of the World and iconic site carved into rose tinted cliff faces. Known and recognised globally, setting foot into Petra is a breath-taking experience that brings distant dreams to life.

Following the route of ancient nomads and merchants, you’ll transit from one important historical region to another. A local historian will guide you through the history, beauty and architectural brilliance of this UNESCO site in a captivating seminar at the perfectly located Movenpick Petra. The next day visit the ancient city of Petra, carved into rose-coloured rock, and see it unveil the intricate architecture and story of the Nabataeans.

Day 12 - 14: Wadi Rum, Jordan

  • Join a local astronomer to stargaze under the constellations of Orion, Gemini and Canis Majo

Designed to blend with its natural surroundings, the Bedu Hideaway Camp offers a truly unique stay, blending luxury with authenticity for the entirety of your stay

Experience traditional Bedouin Culture in the heart of the Wadi Rum Desert, where sand dunes stretch along the horizon and the constellations of Orion and Gemini light up the night sky.

Nestled amidst the otherworldly landscapes of the desert, Bedu Hideaway Camp offers a unique and immersive experience hosted by local Bedouins. This isolated camp provides the perfect backdrop come night for our local astronomer to guide you through the stories written in the stars.

Day 14 - 15: Amman, Jordan

  • Join a leading archeological guide to uncover the top sights of Amman
  • Revel in the luxurious facilities of the Ritz Carlton, whether it be a massage at the spa or a dip in the outdoor pool

Concluding your journey in Amman, the capital of Jordan, your last few days can be spent in the hands of a leading archeological guide to bring the country’s cultural centre to life.

Close off this chapter of travel at Ritz Carlton Amman. Explore the citadel with an expert archaeological guide and see the culturally significant Dead Sea Scrolls in person at the Jordan Museum. Finish your journey with dinner at the No.1 rated restaurant in all of the Middle East.

What is typically included

  • Private travel designer and designated point of contact
  • 24/7 support when you are on-the-ground
  • Dedicated concierge service
  • 14 nights luxury accommodation with breakfast included
  • All ground transfers
  • Stargazing with an astronomer
  • 5 night 5* cruise along the Nile River
  • All private tours as detailed in this itinerary

The Highlights of Egypt and Jordan


Day Itinerary

Best Time
March to May & September to October
Perfect for
Culture Seekers
Guide Price




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