Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum not only decorates horizons with stretching desert scapes but it also houses some of the earliest traces of human ideas and seed development of the alphabet. With 154 archaeological sites across this region there are many stories hidden beneath the sand and it’s nickname, ‘The Valley of the Moon’, is evidence enough of the magical atmosphere that presides over this desert.Wadi Rum’s rolling dunes are perfect for 4×4 adventures, sunrise hot air balloon rides, night-time stargazing and many other excursions that only the dunes, canyons and mountains can offer. Our dedicated private guide can craft your experience to perfectly suit you and your loved ones, tailored with every detail in mind.Unwind in the seclusion of the desert at the Bedu Hideaway Camp where you will find 6 tented suites in a setting that can only be described as other-worldly. The service here is impeccable and the authenticity of the deep Jordanian desert can be felt in all senses, from the aromas of a Bedouin tea to the rich tones of the rose deserts stretching out on your doorstep, this camp is a True favourite.

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