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Honeymoon to the Seychelles


10 Day Itinerary

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Experience the ultimate beach escape in the Seychelles nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Unwind on an island surrounded by sparkling blue water, offering vibrant coral reefs to explore and vast stretches of white sand beaches.


  • Spend your honeymoon in the Seychelles, relaxing in paradise on your own private coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean
  • Scuba dive in clear waters and explore protected reefs, cave mazes and abundant marine life
  • Hop on a boat for a day trip to explore and snorkel around the local islands
  • Unwind in secluded spa locations and indulge in massage treatments
  • Enjoy dining in private by candlelight on white sandy beaches

Day 1 - 5: Desroches Island, Seychelles

  • Scuba dive at some of the world’s finest dive sites to explore pristine coral reefs and marine life
  • Unwind with a couples ‘Unbuntu’ massage treatment at the hilltop spa overlooking Petite Anse

Feel like a castaway on this secluded private coral island in the Seychelles archipelago, surrounded by miles of untouched white sandy beaches.

Fly from mainland Mahé for five nights in your own rustic bungalow at the The Four Seasons, the only hotel on the secluded island. Look out over turquoise waters and snorkel off the beaches to swim with turtles and tropical fish, or scuba dive through cave mazes to encounter sharks and manta rays. Be surrounded by the island’s unique flora and fauna with a couples Unbuntu ‘togetherness’ massage before enjoying a romantic meal dining on a private beach watching the sunset over the horizon.

Day 5 - 10: Félicité Island, Seychelles

  • Island hop on board Ocean Mist to snorkel coral reefs and explore smaller islands for the day
  • Watch green turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests and make their way down to the ocean

Relax in a secluded hideaway spot on your own private beach, nestled amongst granite rocks and lush jungle.

Travel to Félicité Island, where you’ll spend five nights at the secluded Six Senses Zil Pasyon, known for its fantastic snorkelling and island hopping adventures. Explore the smaller islands either by boat or simply by grabbing a paddle and kayaking to protected areas like Coco Island. Join the Zil Pasyon conservation team and watch green and hawksbill turtles emerge from their nest and make their journey to the Indian Ocean. Hike up to the top of the island either at sunrise or at sunset, where you can enjoy the spectacular light show with a glass of champagne and canapés. Celebrate your honeymoon in style and experience the top level of service – ensuring your romantic getaway is one to remember.

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What is typically included

  • 10 nights Bed & Breakfast
  • Full day boat trip
  • All non-motorised water sports
  • Diving and fishing at an additional cost
  • All domestic transfers

Honeymoon to the Seychelles


Day Itinerary

Guide Price




12 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £29,200pp

Guide Price: $35,000pp

11 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £7,100pp

Guide Price: $8,500pp

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