Vietnam’s capital city ‘Hanoi’ is nestled in the North of the country. The narrow winding streets often lead to serene lakes, making the city’s name as ‘city of lakes’ an apt one. If you find yourself at the water’s edge, you might catch a water puppet show at the famous Thang Long theatre – puppetry is a unique Vietnamese art form so this is an experience not to miss. As you walk back, keep an eye out for the longest mosaic in the world or the famous train street – where trains pass just inches from the houses; grab a cocktail at one of the bars and wait for them to appear. If you are hungry, follow the delicious smells flowing from endless food vendors to try delicacies like hearty pho and fresh ‘banh-mi’ baguettes. Hanoi is truly the beating heart of Vietnam.

Hanoi Example Itineraries

All of the trips we create for Hanoi are designed and tailored specifically for you. We create each trip from a blank piece of paper, building the holiday you had dreamed, using our experience, knowledge and contacts to design the ultimate experience.

Below are some of examples of trips in Hanoi that we have created, designed to showcase the destination, our expertise and create some inspiration.

15 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £8,300pp

Guide Price: $9,900pp

14 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £8,200pp

Guide Price: $9,800pp

17 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £9,600pp

Guide Price: $11,500pp

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