Nakasendo Trail


Japan’s Nakasendo Trail is a historic path that winds through picturesque landscapes. This ancient pathway, tracing back to the Edo era, is filled with breathtaking scenery—verdant forests, meandering rivers, and serene countryside vistas. The Nakasendo Trail, linking Tokyo and Kyoto, reveals glimpses of traditional Japanese life in its quaint villages and encounters with friendly locals practising traditional customs. At each step, discover charming post towns with centuries-old inns, offering respite and a taste of authentic hospitality. Relish regional delights such as fragrant soba noodles and soul-warming bowls of miso soup, while immersing yourself in the genuine warmth of the local community. Embrace the history with ancient shrines, serene temples, and historic teahouses dotted throughout the route. It is an unforgettable journey, where the harmony of nature and heritage seamlessly transports you to the fascinating Japan of bygone eras.

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