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Immerse yourself in Italy’s rich cultural and scenic diversity. Rome, the eternal city, showcases the Colosseum and Vatican City. In Tuscany, rolling vineyards and Renaissance art await. The Amalfi Coast mesmerises with cliffside villages and azure waters. Venice’s canals and historic architecture charm visitors.

Italy's Regions

Amalfi Coast

Arguably Italy’s most famous corner and almost certainly its most crowded in season, the Amalfi Coast is quite something. The sheer drops to the sea with towns precariously clinging onto the sides all backed by forests and mountains are quite something.

Amalfi Coast - Italy


In Italy’s heel lies the region everyone is talking about. For ample reason: a great stretch of coastline, trulli villages, local markets and the ‘Florence of the South’ – Lecce.


Capital cities can be overwhelming, but the joy of Rome is that the city’s highlights are largely on top of one another. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain and enjoy some time eating gelato on the Spanish Steps.

Rome - Italy


Just off the toe of Italy’s boot, this wild and woolly island is loved for its Greek Temples, coastal towns and a famous volcano. The island is best experienced (in our humble opinion) on an east to west road trip, Palermo to Taormina via Syracuse.


The rolling hills of Tuscany that seemingly will roll on forever have inspired many a painter, writer and poet. Scattered amongst the landscape are a network of beautiful hilltop villages and towns, breaking up journeys from A to B wonderfully.

Tuscany - Italy


A floating city has to be seen to be believed. Far from being the city’s only draw, Venice has much to see and do by foot and by gondola, including an old art scene and an ever-developing new one boosted by the opening of a new Guggenheim.

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