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Epic travel experiences are made when every detail is expertly hand-crafted, designed around your personal tastes, interests and curiosity. For those looking to head off the beaten path and into the wilderness, the opportunity to track elusive species, lock eyes with fascinating predators and listen to the calls of primates in their natural habitats lies away from the crowds. Untouched and pristine wilderness is a rarity with the popular nature of global travel in 2022, however, with the right guides and experts leading the way, another world awaits discovery. Here are a selection of unrivalled wildlife destinations for you to explore.

Chasing Chimpanzees in Tanzania

Stroll under a canopy of trees as you spot chimpanzees in the depths of Tanzania’s wilderness. Observe closely as they forage, wrestle and groom in their natural habitat while your private guide recounts the chimpanzees names, ages and tales of their life up until now.

Rare Sightings in the Pantanal

Wild and remote in nature, the Pantanal is not only the largest wetland in the world but it is also home to the elusive jaguar. Trace the footsteps of this majestic species, accompanied by a conservation specialist who lives and breathes the pattern of the Pantanal.

Hidden in the Mountains, Uganda

With fewer than 900 mountain gorillas remaining across the world, these primates are a mystery for most, yet they are some of the most captivating creatures in existence. Track a family through Uganda’s pristine wilderness and get up close with these primates.

Humans of the Jungle, Borneo

Wipe down your binoculars as you escape to the heart of the Bornean jungle, where Orangutans swing effortlessly amongst the greenery and the wildlife has no bounds. Hike for a front row seat to the bands of orangutans as they gracefully move through the trees.

Ghosts of the Mountain, India

Beautifully regal – and the crowning glory of wildlife sightings – snow leopards are rare and famously elusive (hence their nickname, Mountain Ghost). Track these fascinating creatures and enjoy the unique opportunity to get involved with invaluable conservation work.

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