Samode Haveli


Built over 175 years ago the Samode Haveli is set in the rugged hills above Jaipur. Townhouse to the royal family and still home to its descendants, the Samode Haveli is one of the more spectacular and authentic examples of a haveli -a grand house with inner courtyards built by wealthy merchants or nobility as a testimony to their status. Home to some fabulous frescoes and murals, and blessed with a leafy garden, it’s difficult to believe that from this sanctuary you can stroll out into the bustling city streets of Jaipur. Rooms and suites are scattered throughout the haveli and eachhone is unique. The rooms are beautifully decorated and packed with Indian antique furniture, lavish fabrics, rich mosaics and painted arches.Of particular note is the spectacular hand-painted dining hall which provides a special setting for dinner. Afternoon tea is a treat on the airy verandah and the beautiful fountain courtyard serves a-la-carte meals throughout the day. Another special feature of the Haveli is the elephant ramp.Guests have access to two marble swimming pools as well as a spa and wellness centre.

Reasons we love Samode Haveli

  • A beautiful palace abundant with Indian history
  • A peaceful and quiet oasis away from the busy streets of Jaipur
  • Luxurious and spacious rooms complete with traditional Indian furnishings.


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