Kohima Camp, Nagaland


Kohima Camp, Nagaland is located in a region in Nagaland that is predominantly occupied by the Angami Tribe, one of the major tribes of the 16 . The camp is a exciting blend of Naga Rainforest and Tribal Legacy. Kohima Camp is unique in the fact that it coincides with the annual Ten day Hornbill cultural festival. An undoubtedly magical experience. The Nagaland experience also gives you a chance to join the 16 Naga tribes, previous Headhunters, in showcasing their culture and heritage.Try esoteric foods and rice beer, buy handmade shawls and participate vicariously in the pork and the fiery King chilly eating competitions.

Reasons we love Kohima Camp, Nagaland

  • Campsite in the middle of a secluded forested area infused with the sounds of a mountain stream in the vicinity
  • Open during the tribal Hornbill Festival
  • Wilderness luxury redefined


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