Chamba Camp, Thiksey


At Chamba Camp, Thiksey, you can experience culture on the roof of the world, with India’s first truly mobile camp. Relive the Glamping legacy of the British Raj in the camp’s luxurious tents, each with a private terrace, ensuite bathroom and shower cubicle. At Chamba Camp, you can experience the many moods of exotic India with its dramatic landscapes, rustic and unexplored rural surroundings. While all tents are not the same shape, each tent is spacious,,comprising of a bedroom, bathroom and verandah area. The premium Presidential Suite Tents in the Thiksey Camp, (Leh region) in Ladakh, have an extra wing which can accommodate up to 2 extra beds, alternatively a bed and seating area or a complete lounge setting. All tents have large windows to allow our guest to enjoy their beautiful surroundings. Air-conditioning and heating are also provided depending on the location and requirement.

Reasons we love Chamba Camp, Thiksey

  • A unique camp with canvas luxury
  • The first truly mobile camps in India located in exceptional areas
  • Be a part of the Royal sport of Polo


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