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Etosha Heights Safarihoek Lodge

Etosha National Park, Namibia

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Stay at Etosha Heights Safarihoek Lodge

Nestled within the vast Etosha Heights Private Game Reserve, covering an impressive 60,000 hectares and sharing borders with Etosha National Park for about 65 kilometres, Safarihoek Lodge is a treasure. Originally formed by combining ten domestic farming plots, the reserve has evolved into a captivating wildlife sanctuary, offering an unforgettable safari experience. Guests at Safarihoek Lodge can encounter a diverse range of animals, including various antelope species, predators, and a plethora of birdlife, ensuring a fascinating and memorable safari adventure.

Etosha Heights Namibia actively engages in conservation efforts and projects, with a vision to promote sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, benefiting the local community and the abundant wildlife in the area. Safarihoek Lodge boasts a serene and individualised atmosphere, providing a tranquil retreat where guests can marvel at the majestic African sunrise over the eastern horizon, admire panoramic views from its elevated position, and delight in the soothing sounds of the breeze and diverse bird species. The lodge offers the unique experience of observing wildlife from their one-of-a-kind hide or the plains below. At night, guests can gather around the African fire at the ‘Boma’, sharing the day’s adventures with friends and family, enhancing the magic of the African wilderness.



  • Swimming pool

  • Restaurant
  • Bar & Lounge area


Safarihoek Lodge Aerial view
Safarihoek Lodge AerialView
Safarihoek Lodge Ariel View of Luxury Room
Safarihoek Lodge Communal Pool
Safarihoek Lodge Eland Sunset
Safarihoek Lodge Family of Giraffe
Safarihoek Lodge Lodge Entrance
Safarihoek Lodge Lodge Luxury Room
Safarihoek Lodge Luxury Room Verandah
Safarihoek Lodge Main area fire place
Safarihoek Lodge Zebra
Safarihoek Standard Room
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The Pitchers

We had the most amazing time! John Barclay and his team were very special and the mobile safari exclusive and superb. Moremi was very quiet with few other tourists – no more than a dozen other vehicles seen in four days. Macatoo was also excellent with good riding and game. We were so grateful for the help that you offered when our BA flights went wrong. Many thanks again for the superb service and recommendations which made for a great holiday.

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