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NamibRand Reserve, Namibia

Stay at Sonop

Located at the southern edge of the Namib desert in the Karas region, Sonop is a luxurious tented camp that offers an extraordinary experience. This exceptional lodge provides the perfect retreat in the midst of a stunning panoramic desert landscape. Perched on top of boulders, the ten spacious tents promise unparalleled views and incredible luxury. Step into these tents, which are lavishly furnished with antiques crafted from fine materials, adorned with colorful carpets and precious wood. It’s an invitation to relive the life of an adventurer from a bygone era. The sophistication of the tents beautifully contrasts with the simplicity of the boundless surroundings. Sonop embraces the desert’s richness in every aspect of its design and activities.

The breathtaking views from every angle leave guests in awe, and a wide array of adventures are available, allowing visitors to leisurely appreciate the genuine beauty of the desert. As night falls, guests are treated to an opulent gastronomic experience that sets the mood with silverware and candelabras, complemented by impeccable black-tie and white-gloves service. Throughout your stay, flawless service and meticulous attention to detail define the camp’s facilities, ensuring a truly exceptional and memorable experience for every guest. Activities include group yoga, incredible game drives – and there is even an outdoor cinema!



  • Swimming pool

  • Restaurant
  • Bar & Lounge area

  • Gym
  • Spa


Sonop Bathroom
Sonop Cigar Cocktail Lounge_1
Sonop Cigar Cocktail Lounge
Sonop communal area_1
Sonop communal area
Sonop communal dining tent
Sonop Exterior_1
Sonop Exterior
Sonop heated infinity pool _1
Sonop heated infinity pool _2
Sonop heated infinity pool
Sonop pool deck
Sonop Reception
Sonop Tent Bedroom _1
Sonop Tent Bedroom
Sonop Tent Bedroom Views
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The Pitchers

We had the most amazing time! John Barclay and his team were very special and the mobile safari exclusive and superb. Moremi was very quiet with few other tourists – no more than a dozen other vehicles seen in four days. Macatoo was also excellent with good riding and game. We were so grateful for the help that you offered when our BA flights went wrong. Many thanks again for the superb service and recommendations which made for a great holiday.

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