Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

Western Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge offers a spacious and private retreat. The main house, housing the reception, lobby area, restaurant and bar, along with a swimming pool and sun deck, is situated in a dry lake known as a “Vlei. ” A wooden boardwalk connects the main house to the suites, which are scattered around the “Vlei,” providing an excellent vantage point to spot various wild animals. Each guest house features canvas walls, a stone-walled area with a thatched roof, and a private terrace furnished with cosy sofas. Guests can embark on hikes and game drives to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Kalahari Desert, with its striking red dunes reaching heights of up to 30 meters, and a diverse array of wildlife.

Reasons we love Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

  • Private rooms/pods
  • Stunning views
  • Beautiful and unique decor


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