Welcome to True Travel

The Art of Tailor-made Holiday Experiences

Welcome to True Travel

The Art of Tailor-made Holiday Experiences

5 Star Bespoke Travel

Our service takes a hand-held, detail-orientated approach to global travel.

We have crafted an exacting design process that enables you to curate a bespoke itinerary from a blank canvas, with expert support.

As a result, from the moment you get in touch, to when you land back home, you and your loved ones are looked after every step of they way.

Where we go

We are a team of passionate global travellers, covering all corners of our wonderful planet.

Our team of experts have lived and spent considerable time overseas, building up unrivalled destination knowledge to offer our clients the very best experiences. From the Cape and Winelands of South Africa, to the rainforests of Costa Rica or the deserts of Jordan, our specialists will have you covered.

Travelling with a Positive Impact

Through the True Travel Foundation partnership with Seawilding, we are able to offer each client the opportunity to wholly offset the carbon emissions of their trip through donating to their Seagrass Restoration Programme.

The efforts of this programme include replanting 80 hectares of lost seagrass meadows across Loch Craignish, trialling new methodologies of seagrass replanting at scale and efficiently sequestering carbon from the atmosphere through marine restoration. Seagrass has the potential to sequester carbon at up to 35x the rate of rainforests, therefore making it an integral ingredient in fighting the climate crisis and offsetting the emissions of your trip.

We calculate the total carbon emissions for each trip through the Sustainable Travel International Calculator and are able to determine how much it would cost to offset this figure through Seawilding. You are then able to enjoy net-zero travel and contribute to a groundbreaking initiative that is paving the way for Blue Carbon projects across the world, making tangible steps to combatting Global Warming.


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