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We are a team of passionate global travellers, covering all corners of our wonderful planet.

Our team of experts have lived and spent considerable time overseas, building up unrivalled destination knowledge to offer our clients the very best experiences. From the Cape and Winelands of South Africa, to the rainforests of Costa Rica or the deserts of Jordan, our specialists will have you covered.

Why book with True Travel?

Because of our values.

We are:

Because of our values.

We are:






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South Africa

There is more to South Africa than just safari. In the Rainbow Nation, you can enjoy some of the world’s best food and wine, incredible scenery and wonderful communities as well as some amazing safari experiences.

Luxury Trip Ideas

Each trip we create starts with a blank piece of paper, as we design every itinerary 100% personalised to you.

There are no pre-made packages with True Travel.

Our example itineraries are there to inspire. We’ve curated some trip ideas to provide you with a flavour of the experiences we create, the destinations we can reach and the detail we focus on when planning your trip.

Offset Your Next Adventure

Travel with a positive impact

Through the True Travel Foundation partnership with Seawilding, we are able to offer each client the opportunity to wholly offset the carbon emissions of their trip through donating to their Seagrass Restoration Programme.

The efforts of this programme include replanting 80 hectares of lost seagrass meadows across Loch Craignish, trialling new methodologies of seagrass replanting at scale and efficiently sequestering carbon from the atmosphere through marine restoration.

Seagrass has the potential to sequester carbon at up to 35x the rate of rainforests, therefore making it an integral ingredient in fighting the climate crisis and offsetting the emissions of your trip.

We calculate the emissions of each trip through the Sustainable Travel International Calculator and are able to determine how much it would cost to offset this figure through Seawilding. You are then able to enjoy net-zero travel and contribute to a groundbreaking initiative that is paving the way for Blue Carbon projects across the world, making tangible steps to combatting Global Warming.


Latin America

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both, Latin America has something to offer for everyone. A place full of diverse cultures, rich history and stunning landscapes, from the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru to the rugged beauty of Patagonia in Argentina, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring sights.


Independent guest reviews


UK: 0203 137 1247

US: 800 635 8124

Will Greenwood and family

The team at True Travel had a simple brief: to send us on the world’s best family safari. As soon as our boat headed down the Zambezi, it all kicked off; we passed a herd of hippos, a lazy crocodile and a giraffe drinking nonchalantly on the riverbank. A magical experience from beginning to end. Nothing was too much trouble and if we had any issue that needed resolving, there was always someone on hand to do this. Before and after, they were off the charts – simply an awesome team.

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The TRUE rating


These accommodations are the best of the best, showcasing top hospitality, exceptional design and world-class food, in the most exclusive locations around the world.


A very high standard of five-star properties, with top-notch service and a wide range of amenities and experiences ensuring an unforgettable stay.


These four to five-star accommodations offer the high level of service that our team look always look for, with a range of facilities on offer.


Four-star properties which offer enough amenities for a comfortable stay. We may offer these for a more price-competitive option, or in more remote areas which don't offer the most luxe hotels.


These properties won't necessarily offer all of the typical luxurious facilities, but will always provide memorable experiences, from camping out in the bush to climbing up to a treehouse.