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Why We Love Bhutan



Jagged Mountains & Rolling Farmlands

Situated on the southern slopes of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan’s breathtaking scenery combines beautiful valleys of lush green meadows with winding glacial rivers. There is an abundance of scenic walking tracks to choose from; some of which will lead you through rice terraces and farmland, and others will take you through rich jungle and up towards snow-capped mountain peaks. No matter where you are walking in Bhutan, you will find colourful lines of prayer flags tend to guide the way.

A Life of Zen

Bhutan’s unique culture is credited to the fact that it has remained untainted by foreign influences, due to its Himalayan-locked landscape and historical reluctance to open its doors to the outside world. Visitors are now welcomed with open arms, offering you the chance to experience local delicacies such as Zow Shungo, try your hand at the national sport of archery or surround yourself in the enchanting sound of Bhutanese folk music.

Monasteries & Traditions

Tucked away off the beaten track and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the monasteries of Bhutan exude peace and serenity. Enjoy the pilgrimage hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery that is famously built into the cliffside. Along with the intricately-carved monasteries in Gangtey, the majesty of Bhutan’s physical structures also applies to its incredible array of hotels. Stay in the Spirit Sanctuary, home to ayurvedic doctors, for a consultation and healing in this sacred spot.

Back to Nature

Bhutan offers a very distinctive selection of wildlife, most notably their black-necked cranes, which migrate to Bhutan each year in October and leave again for Tibet in February. They are a remarkable sight to witness, said to fly around Gangtey three times before assessing if it is safe to land. Visit the sanctuary there, dedicated to protecting them and increasing their numbers. Hiking through the broad grassy valleys of Bumthang will also offer plenty of opportunities to spot an extraordinary array of birdlife, as well as the yaks roaming free in the mountains, and the unusual-looking animal native to Thimphu, the ‘takin’.

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