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Bhutan, the mystical Himalayan kingdom, unveils its enchanting regions. Thimphu, the capital, merges tradition with modernity. Paro, with its iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, radiates spiritual allure. The fertile valleys of Punakha showcase stunning landscapes. From the serene east to the rugged west, Bhutan captivates with its harmonious blend of culture and nature.

Bhutan's Regions


The Bumthang district, also known as the “spiritual heartland” of Bhutan, is a picturesque region located in the central part of the country. Comprising a group of four valleys— Chokhor, Tang, Ura, and Chhume — Bumthang offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and religious significance.



Gangtey, also known as Gangtey Valley or Phobjikha Valley, is a mesmerizing destination nestled in the heart of Bhutan. Located in the district of Wangdue Phodrang, Gangtey is renowned for its pristine beauty and unique cultural treasures.


Paro is a historic town in the Paro district of Bhutan. The Paro Chhu valley is the only place in Bhutan with wide enough flood plains, to allow international flights to land.

Bhutan - Paro - Tigers Nest


Punakha is a captivating city known for its rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. Situated at a lower elevation than Thimphu, Punakha offers a more subtropical climate and lush landscapes.


Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. It offers a unique blend of traditional Bhutanese culture and modern development.

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