Zambia - Luambe National Park

Luambe National Park


Sandwiched between the South and North Luangwa National Parks on the eastern banks of the Luangwa River, the Luambe National Park enjoys the same stunning views and landscapes as its more illustrious neighbours, but with just a fraction of the visitors.The whole feel of Luambe, with just one seasonal camp found here, is one of the “Golden Age” of safaris, with visitors able to explore on foot or by vehicle and revelling in the fact you are one of just a handful of visitors the park will have that year. Naturally, being a smaller park, wildlife sightings are not as prolific as in the Luangwas, but lion, leopard and elephant are amongst the animals you can expect to see.Luambe is definitely one for the safari “purists” and is ideally combined with time in the South Luangwa to ensure visitors see plenty of wildlife, but it is an incredibly rewarding place to spend some time for those who do make the journey here.

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