Liuwa Plain National Park


Despite being little-known to most safari-goers, the Liuwa Plain National Park was amongst the first protected areas in Africa, with its significance recognised as far back as 1880. Then King Lewanika (for whom the park’s premium lodge is now named) of the Lozi people declared its importance and restricted many forms of activity here.Today it offers visitors a glimpse in to the Africa of old, with huge open plains, a handful of visitors a year and the chance to explore on foot, by canoe and by 4×4 vehicle. Unlike many of southern Africa’s parks, it is best-visited during the wetter summer months, with operations ceasing during the dry winter when game is very hard to spot.Hyena are the key predator that can be seen here, with some of the largest clans anywhere in Africa found in the park. Lions, sired by the legendary Lady Liuwa, are also a regular sighting, as are cheetah along with wildebeest and zebra.

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