Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

NamibRand Reserve

The Skeleton Coast, a captivating 500 km stretch of desolate coastline in Namibia, possesses a certain forbidding allure. An unforgettable day trip includes a drive along the Hoanib River’s gravel floodplain, offering views of towering dunes and sporadic, surprisingly lush oases with seasonal flamingo sightings, before reaching the wild Skeleton Coast. Returning to camp by air provides a jaw-dropping aerial view of the dry Hoanib watercourse. Thrilling guided nature drives through the vast desert reveal rare desert-adapted wildlife. Arguably one of the most remote lodges on Earth, this magnificent desert camp can only be accessed by light aircraft with Wilderness Air, offering a unique and stylish arrival while appreciating the vast beauty of the desert.

The camp’s setting amidst gravel-strewn plains and dry riverbeds attracts rare and magnificent wildlife. With its stunning location overlooking a desert valley sloping towards the almost-always dry Hoanib River, the main area and sparkling pool provide a vantage point for observing wildlife at the waterhole. The camp features eight large tented guest suites, including a family unit, offering shady viewpoints. Designed to blend harmoniously with the desert surroundings, Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp exudes tranquility and elegance, allowing guests to witness a variety of desert-adapted species from the comfort of their tents. It serves as an icon for high-end, intrepid travellers seeking chic and exceptional hospitality within a strikingly rugged and isolated ancient landscape.

Reasons we love Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

  • Top-tier 5* service
  • Delicious food, cooked by the talented on-site chefs
  • Yoga in the bush



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