Sarara Camp

Matthews Range

Sarara has six luxury tents, each positioned to maximise the stunning views of the Mathews Range of mountains and the animal watering hole.

Preserving the romance of the tented camp, these tents are spacious and high ceilinged, with plenty of cupboard space, electric lighting and 24 hour hot and cold running water. There is an outdoor bathroom offering a superb view of the hills from the shower. But there is also an indoor toilet and sink at the back of the tent for midnight visits. Each tent has its own private terrace with table and chairs and morning coffee and tea are brought to you so that you can wake up gazing out over the mountains.

The team of resident chefs lovingly create delicious, home-cooked meals which can be enjoyed in the bush or in the comfort of the camp’s surroundings.

With so much to see at the watering hole, sometimes you want to get really close to the animals without scaring them away. They have created a little hide which you can sneak down tooany time there is an animal you want to see up close. You can stand in safety only a few feet away from a group of elephants, near enough to see their eyelashes.

As a part of the conservation effort Jeremy and Katie adopt orphaned animals who live around the camp and visit with guests. They have raised kudu, bush buck, a serval cat, several dik-dik and two ostriches.Small visitors are also actively encouraged in the lodge. Harry the hornbill will eat from a steady hand. Quizzical furry hyrax survey the breakfast table from the branches of their home-tree inside the lodge and bird tables surrounding the lodge host flocks of splendid starlings, and bee-eaters. An occasional rustle below your feet, and scattered souvenir quills are signs that the local porcupine is still residence under the lodge’s floor.

Reasons we love Sarara Camp

  • Each tent is positioned to maximize the views of the Matthews Mountains
  • Game viewing possible directly from the edge of your infinity swimming pool
  • One of the most prolific ‘hot spots’ for quality leopard viewing in Africa




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