Elsa’s Kopje

Mugwangho Hill

Elsa’s Kopje is named after Elsa the lioness, made famous by George and Joy Adamson’s biographical book and film “Born Free”. Elsa’s Kopje remains one of the most elegant lodges in Africa, in one of the most spectacular settings. It is the best upmarket location to view rhino in their natural habitat in Kenya. Elsa’s Kopje is almost invisible to the eye as you approach its home on Mughwango Hill. It blends into the rocky crags of the “kopje” (small hill), built above the site of George Adamson’s original campsite. Every cottage is the ultimate ‘room-with-a-view’, uniquely designed and crafted, incorporating the natural features of the rocky hillside. Each cottage has spacious double or twin beds with elegantly appointed en-suite bathrooms. The lounge, dining room and infinity pool all have spectacular views overlooking the Meru plains. The lodge can be credited with single handedly saving this beautiful National Park which until our investment, had suffered from little or no income from visitors. Before the opening of Elsa’s Kopje and the subsequent income from visitors, there was talk in the government of de-gazetting the park and turning the well-watered fertile land into rice plantations.Considered one of the most spectacular locations and lodge designs in Africa, Elsa’s is built round a granite hill, each cottage was individually designed to take advantage of the stunning views, and the natural curves, rocks, and trees on the hillside.Being passionate about the environment, Stefano designed a lodge that was not only elegant, but deliberately hard to see, uses minimal power, and received the first Eco-rating in Kenya in 2003.

Reasons we love Elsa's Kopje

  • An elegant lodge with excellent views over Meru National Park
  • The lodge received the first Eco-rating in Kenya in 2003, owing to its commitment to the surroundings
  • The Elsa’s Kopje guides are based at the lodge in Meru National Park, they have the whole park to themselves, and know their backyard intimately


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