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Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya

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Stay at Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

The camp is small and exclusive which means we can only host a maximum of 20 guests. It has eight stylish tents, each one expertly designed to offer secluded privacy and spacious accommodation in safari-chic muted tones of vanilla and taupe. Every tent sits on a private vantage point up on the rocky escarpment so you have a 270 degree view of the bush from your bed. There are six domed Nina tents and two expansive suites – Simba and Chui. Hot running water blasting through rain shower-heads and dainty flush loos are a feature of every en-suite bathroom. These low-impact structures are camouflaged by the landscape and are fashioned for sustainability – they include ingenious features that promote conservation and minimise waste.

The Nina tents are ideal for couples. The high dome centres over a double bed decked out in fine linens. Six opening panels encompass the bed on three sides which mean that from the comfort of your pillow, you can watch the dawn break in panorama. The rear section of the tent houses your en-suite bathroom and dressing area and in front of the tent is a large wooden deck where you can enjoy private dining, sunbathing and star gazing. The tents are huge and beautiful and you’ll forget that there are any other structures nearby, so well hidden is each tent.

The Simba Suite is a self contained pent-house in the bush with a private driveway. Complete with kitchen, dining room, living area which connects two enormous double bedrooms, both en-suite, you could house your family here while on safari or just sprawl out in the extensive luxury of a private suite all by yourself. There’s a fully stocked bar and fridge and you can decide the level of service you require – a tent attendant can be present at all times to cook, pour your drinks and make coffee or they can be made invisible and give you the freedom to help yourself to the amenities. The expansive deck can house the telescope at night so you can admire the galaxy or during the day its linen sofa-bed is the ideal place to lounge and flick through the wildlife guide books or the historical

photographic books to be found on the bookshelf in your suite. This is ultimate privacy – you need not meet another guest at Ol Seki, unless you’d like to.

The Chui suite offers greater individual privacy than the Simba suite as the two en-suite double bedrooms are separated from the central living space. The main area between the bedroom tents houses the kitchen, lounge and dining room. The three distinct structures are connected by wooden boardwalks. This means that if other members of your party want to stay up late in the private bar, you can retire to the quiet seclusion of your room next door with a comfortable distance between you and the hub of activity. This suite is ideal for families or friends travelling together who would also like some privacy within the group.

The library tent is the quintessential safari scene that has remained largely unchanged for a century or more – no modern technological interruptions of digital noise or flashing images. Find yourself in the warm glow of the paraffin lanterns and candle-light, the hazy bush noises singing in the background as you survey the Koyaki plains. Now compare yourself to other safari-goers over the ages, captured in sepia images in coffee table books. Or contrast your experiences to those described in racy fiction of heady safari romances and dangerously wild encounters. The shelves offer a variety of Africana – fiction, educational books about local tribes and traditions, guides to wildlife, photographic accounts of East African history. Come and peruse the collection and help yourself to drinks from the bar at any time of day or night.

Descend from the library to the low deck, following the lantern-lit pathway. From this ledge where the evening camp fire blazes, you have an excellent view of the waterhole and the stars. Many warm evenings have been whiled away here in canvas safari chairs.


  • WIFI in comunal area
  • Large swimming pool
  • Spacious Dining Room



I went on an adventure of a lifetime to Kenya, planned by True Travel. Borana was the perfect introduction to Africa – the staff were fantastic, the lodge very comfortable and I had amazing wildlife sightings. Then the helicopter flight and night out with Andrew (the real Crocodile Dundee) was an experience of a lifetime; we went scorpion hunting, crocodile catching, swimming in lakes and flew over flamingos. All in all, everything was fantastically planned and the service was brilliant. I’m looking forward to the next adventure!

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