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Egypt, a land steeped in ancient mystique and modern vitality, from the bustling city of Cairo in the north, to the Nile Valley where iconic monuments like Luxor and Aswan echo the splendor of ancient civilisations. Egypt’s regions are a kaleidoscope of stories, that beckon exploration.

Egypt's Regions


Egypt’s capital city is found in the north of the country, sprawled out across both sides of the mighty River Nile as it makes its way to the Mediterranean Sea. A traditionally bustling African capital, Cairo juxtaposes the ancient and the modern, with the ancient sites of the Great Sphynx and Pyramids of Giza sitting against the backdrop of modern highrise buildings, narrow streets and seemingly endless tracts of housing.


Often referred to as “The World’s Greatest Museum”, historic Luxor is a monument to the successes and excesses of ancient Egypt and is packed with temples, statues and monuments to the Kings and Queens who ruled for over 3000 years. The town itself is a pleasant enough place to stay, with a handful of very good hotels and most visitors will spend a night or two here depending on their interest in exploring and the exact itinerary their cruise ship offers.

Luxor - Egypt

The River Nile

Africa’s longest and most iconic river, The Nile is a key source of life as it flows from its (widely accepted) source at Jinja in Uganda, through South and North Sudan and finally into Egypt, where 95% of the population live within a few kilometres of its banks. As well as offering an invaluable source of water for irrigation and household use, it also passes through one of the world’s most significant historical treasure troves – The Valley of the Kings.

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