The River Nile


Africa’s longest and most iconic river, The Nile is a key source of life as it flows from its (widely accepted) source at Jinja in Uganda, through South and North Sudan and finally into Egypt, where 95% of the population live within a few kilometres of its banks. As well as offering an invaluable source of water for irrigation and household use, it also passes through one of the world’s most significant historical treasure troves – The Valley of the Kings. Indeed, the whole journey between Luxor to the north and Aswan in the south is a shade over 200kms – insignificant it may seem in the grand scheme of the Nile’s size, but it is by a factor of many thousands the most visited section of the river.Cruises of between 3 and 6 nights operate in both directions, offering visitors the chance to explore the incredible array of Temples, archaeological dig sights and of course the Aswan High Dam. Cruise boats vary in style from traditional sailing boats to sleek modern cruises with styles to appeal to all visitors. Daily off-boat excursions are enjoyed and private Egyptologists can be hired to really enhance the experience.

The River Nile Example Itineraries

All of the trips we create for The River Nile are designed and tailored specifically for you. We create each trip from a blank piece of paper, building the holiday you had dreamed, using our experience, knowledge and contacts to design the ultimate experience.

Below are some of examples of trips in The River Nile that we have created, designed to showcase the destination, our expertise and create some inspiration.

15 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £15,800pp

Guide Price: $19,000pp

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