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Often referred to as “The World’s Greatest Museum”, historic Luxor is a monument to the successes and excesses of ancient Egypt and is packed with temples, statues and monuments to the Kings and Queens who ruled for over 3000 years. The town itself is a pleasant enough place to stay, with a handful of very good hotels and most visitors will spend a night or two here depending on their interest in exploring and the exact itinerary their cruise ship offers.Many cruises will include the touring in Luxor as part of the itinerary, but the shorter (generally 3 and 4 night cruises) do skip it in favour of getting down river, so a day out exploring is very much needed. Highlights include visits to the graceful Temples of Luxor and Karnak as well as time exploring the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens on the city’s West Bank. Some of the Temples can also be explored at night which offers an interesting perspective on them and is easily arranged.

Luxor Example Itineraries

All of the trips we create for Luxor are designed and tailored specifically for you. We create each trip from a blank piece of paper, building the holiday you had dreamed, using our experience, knowledge and contacts to design the ultimate experience.

Below are some of examples of trips in Luxor that we have created, designed to showcase the destination, our expertise and create some inspiration.

15 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £15,800pp

Guide Price: $19,000pp

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