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Duba Explorers Camp

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Stay at Duba Explorers Camp

The Okavango Delta is a UNESCO world heritage sight and the largest inland delta on Earth. The Duba Explorers Camp is a stunning safari camp nestled within this beautiful area. It has five tents made out of airy canvas, each with stunning panoramic views. The camp is accessible by bridges as it sits atop a little island in the middle of the never ending floodplains.

During the flooding season, the water comes alive with flowering water lilies and tall papyrus. There may even be spotted neck otters diving or hippos wallowing around the papyrus too. During the day, partake in exciting water safaris where you glide through the deltas in traditional mokoro boats with professional local guides. With over 400 species, bird-watching is truly a must here and a paradise for bird lovers. Go on a traditional vehicle safari and you may be lucky enough to spot the big five or a rare sitatunga.



  • Swimming pool

  • Communal Dining
  • Bar & Lounge area


Channels of the Okavango Delta near Duba Explorers
Duba Explorers Camp lunch
Duba Explorers Camp Main area
Duba Explorers Camp swimming pool
Duba Explorers Camp Unique swimming pool
Duba Explorers Deck
Duba Explorers Dining
Duba Plains Explorers
Entry Bridge Duba Explorers Camp
Guests arrive at Duba Explorers Camp
Healthy Breakfast
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The Pitchers

We had the most amazing time! John Barclay and his team were very special and the mobile safari exclusive and superb. Moremi was very quiet with few other tourists – no more than a dozen other vehicles seen in four days. Macatoo was also excellent with good riding and game. We were so grateful for the help that you offered when our BA flights went wrong. Many thanks again for the superb service and recommendations which made for a great holiday.

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